Visions from the Journey

by Thomas van der Krogt

An artist is a traveler. Whether he circumnavigates a bare cold water flat or travels between exotic locations, he processes the ecstasies, locations and terrors before him through his handiwork. He moves. He sees. My sketchbook is my constant companion. It records my eyes’ visions and envisioning. With my sketchbook, we record the symmetries and asymmetries of urban, natural and unnatural landscapes: places I inhabit however briefly. We make love to monsters. We gag at beauties. My self steps out of his physical self and situates himself in raw environs. Or myself steps back into my organs and sinews and processes that which I see, becoming a camera obscura. Drawing becomes a function of the perspective from which I behold things. There is no difference whether it is what others would call physical reality or a nether region. I witness. I record. The synapses connecting my eyes, my intelligence and hand fuse and create an uninterrupted path to the page in front of me. My sketchbook is my friend, my dog, my soul mate. Its leaves are passport stamps of where I have been and where I may go. It is my journey log.

Sketches and Drawings

All of these pages are offered in our shop. Some are studies for etchings and paintings and may be seen again in different form. They are copyright protected intellectual property of Thomas van der Krogt, and reproduction requires his permission.