Visionary Art in Multiples: Printmaking at Three Bones Society Shop

Printmaking as Visionary Art

Il Papa  printed on Rowlux, available through   Three Bones Society Shop.

Il Papa printed on Rowlux, available through Three Bones Society Shop.

How does an artist or business determine what artistic works to transform into merchandise? At Three Bones Society, we have yet to hit on a perfect formula. However, we have some idea of how we want to go about it. We explore myth-making through gods, esoterica and subculture. Our primary medium is hand-made printmaking. Our main man for this I, Eric K. Lerner, who is an established printmaker, artist and writer. We seek to break down the fourth wall of cyber world by selling goods that are touched by the artist’s hands.

Our main shop features items priced between $15 and $100. (We have a boutique that offers more expensive pieces.) Typically, I’m not going to get out of bed to participate in a gallery show at those prices. Prints I sold at trade shows five years ago for $45 routinely go for between $200 and $400 on the secondary auction market. However, I have studied the Internet business models of many successful artist and have discovered that they offer silkscreen and some relief prints routinely for under $100, even if they may sell one-up pieces in galleries for more than $100,000. It makes sense. If you make art, you want people to experience it. If you can, why not produce pieces that most people can afford.

So at Three Bones Society, we are focusing on smaller well produced prints to introduce folks to our work and hopefully encourage them to recognize the value of hand-made printmaking.

Instagram   image of  Papessa , produced using a relief silkscreen method.

Instagram image of Papessa, produced using a relief silkscreen method.


Our first silkscreen series is based on abstractions inspired by major arcana from the Visconti-Sforza Tarot. This decision came about because every four months, I produced one using paper stencils and silkscreen as a warm-up to the new season. When I posted one referencing the Papessa card on Instagram it received a disproportionate number of likes and comments.

The original printing technique I used was especially time-consuming. Also the number of prints was limited by the fact that paper stencils deteriorate quickly. So I adapted the approach to expose a durable screen from a paper stencil and used it to produce a companion card to the first, Il Papa, for the first Three Bones Society Offering. It is available in three versions for between $35 and $100.

Variant versions of  Il Papa  now offered in   Three Bones Society shop.

Variant versions of Il Papa now offered in Three Bones Society shop.

Let me know what you think of this blog. Would you like me to explain the process for the original Papessa card image? Are you interested in the esoteric meanings behind the images? Is there a piece in the gallery you’d like me to comment on or offer for sale? Use the comment form below to let me know. Not only do we at Three Bones Society need to make a buck, but sincerely we want to produce intellectual content with which you can engage in a dialogue.