We’re not just about cute puppies anymore…

Three Bones Society celebrates the making of myths through printmaking. All artwork is hand printed, making each piece sold unique. It reflects the effort and skill of an individual craftsman. It is a measure of human effort executed through human hands and eyes. We try to make the majority of work very affordable Buyers can collect original art without breaking their budgets. Work in our primary Shop is typically priced between $20 and $250. More select offerings are available through our Boutique. We drop new pieces at least every two weeks. Our collectors are encouraged to perceive each work and appreciate its impact and significance for themselves.

Eric K. Lerner with the support of an incendiary alternative music icon from the 1980’s 90’s, who wishes to remain anonymous but who came up with the name Three Bones Society, cut and broke their teeth artistically in the No Wave subculture of early ‘80’s NYC. Perhaps part of that aesthetic still reverberates in Three Bones Society offerings (now known as “merch” in the modern parlance.) We are drawn to religious, esoteric and occult themes, yet embrace counter-culture icons and actors.

Three Bones Society back story will follow in future blogs and additions to this page.

Thank you for reading this. For now, just give your dog a bone…

Eric K. Lerner

Eric K. Lerner is Three Bones Society’s primary artist featrured our shop. In the mid-1990’s he began creating votive pieces employing mixed media, acrylic, and digital manipulation. Soon, he began working as a graphic designer and illustrator. His clients included the BBC, Science Magazine, IBM, Marriott Corporation and Right Hemisphere. He also produced posters, t-shirts and publications for a number of non profit organizations. By 2004, he stopped working in digital media almost entirely to focus on illustration work using traditional techniques. He studied Buddhist thangka painting. By 2008, he realized that most of the works that initially inspired him to pursue the visual arts were old etchings, engravings and woodcuts. He sought a formal education in printmaking that continues through the present. As a fine artist, Lerner has exhibited and sold work in the United States, the U.K., Australia and Italy. His 2012 release of a hand-crafted major arcana tarot, Radiant Spleen Tarot, appeared to favorable reviews and sold out. He has work included in the permanent collection of the Museo dei Tarocchi in Bologna. In 2017, he contributed 5 pieces to 1917 Tarot, commemorating the Russian Revolution, an international collaborative exhibition/publication that premiered in St. Petersburgh Russia on October 22, 2017. In 2018, the exhibition traveled to Madrid, Spain. You can visit our gallery of his printmaking work.

Thomas van der Krogt

Thomas van der Krogt is a visual artist, writer, esotericist, and musician hailing from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but currently calls Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada his home.  He recently exploded on the art scene through his Instagram feed and successful pop up exhibition. He has been gathering admirers and patrons from all over the world, and is emerging as a leading esoteric artist. Thomas describes his art as a form of mystical expressionism. "In my art I attempt to shine a little bit of light in a world that is often cold and often seems without meaning. As an artist I travel in the imagination, whether in dream or in vision, and try to bring a some shards from the other side back to our mundane reality. Often this happens through my interaction with spirits and the encountering of other universes." Thomas work has compared to the likes of William Blake, James Ensor and others perhaps not so much in style as in vision. As an artist Thomas feels at home in a variety of mediums such as printmaking, wood relief, painting, charcoal and graphite drawing and pen and ink. To find out more about him, check out his introduction by artist and writer Kyle Fite and find his work in our shop.